A #Foodie’s Tale: Something like churros

…and dare to have your own NDE

So here am. I am finally talking about that time when we attempted to make churros.

I HAD to try to make churros with my spawns because [one] I grew up eating churros. If your family is from Spain like mine is, there is no escaping churros and [two] because why would you EVER want to escape churros??? I know these little monsters are horrible for you. Deep fried, sugary, etc. But they are also ABSOLUTELY HEAVENLY when you dip them in hot chocolate [the authentic thick Spanish hot chocolate please. The one that is almost as thick as a pudding] and there you are. Your own NDE [Near-Death Experience]. You died, went to heaven and came back to tell the tale.

So now… watching a Facebook video and thinking making churros LOOKS almost as easy as heating up a frozen pizza DOES NOT guarantee you will make good churros. NOPE. Sorry. Because that’s how Spaniards are. They do things in a certain way. So, same way you need a paellera to make an authentic paella you, elementary my dear Watson, need a churrera to make authentic churros. Or AT LEAST a real pastry bag with a real BIG star-shape decorating tip!

But if you are like me, a stubborn sprite the REFUSES to follow instructions… you get…

Something Like a Churro.



But it looked SO EASY! Boil water, melt butter, add flour, stir, put it in a bag, fry it.











Well it is really THAT easy so I encourage you to make and eat these little monsters BUT you gotta follow ALL the instructions! So don’t be stubborn like me and think that you can use any plastic bag and just cut the corner!

Because what you get is a fried dough worm  that DOES NOT taste like churros! AHA moment: The decorating tip gives the dough a star shape that has more surface than the oval shape it gets using from the plastic bag. No star shape indentations means less crunchy surface and less adhering surface for the sugar!

Soooooo… NOT.THE.SAME.

So if you want to make real churros here is the recipe I intent to follow next time.

You can experiment as I did with other recipes online. Just remember… real Spanish Churros don’t have eggs!

I love churros so much that I am willing to get a real churrera or at least the pastry bag with the star-shape tip.

If I do so, I’ll post about it and share my authentic Spanish Hot Chocolate recipe.


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