What to read in 2017?

So many books so little time!

That’s why it’s always hard for me to choose what to read next. Today I want to share with you my reading list for 2017 and how I went about choosing these books!

I read a lot. A LOT. I read all the time, all kind of genres. I started when I was little, with the ABC then I moved to fairy tales, and never stopped.

Well, at least until a couple of months ago when I hit a major reading slump.

I had gone through reading slumps in the past but never like this last one. Changing the format and the genre helped a little. I’m reading again. A little, though. And slowly.

I was ecstatic when eBooks appeared in the market. I didn’t have to hoard and carry towers of books everywhere!. I could store and carry hundreds of them around in a little device. So, for many years all I read was eBooks. I can’t read eBooks now. 🙁 Now I’m back at the good old paper pages. Back at carrying, towering, and hoarding.

Also, for many years my favorite genres were romance and horror, which were later replaced by fantasy and sci-fi. Now I can’t read any of those genres. 🙁

I’m reading Big Little Lies, fiction, and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Besides changing genre and format I decided to read only best sellers.

I opened a Netgalley account about two years ago and started reviewing books that were not  yet in the market because I wanted to discover the new great reads before the hit the shelves. But the way Netgalley works is so that you NEED to finish and review the books you request because they keep an “average”. If your average is too low then you don’t get approved for more books. So, I forced myself many times to finished books that I really didn’t like.

Since I’m reading mostly best sellers, I added to my 2017 reading list some Goodreads 2016 Choice Awards Winners. The rest of the list is books of series I would like to finish when I can read fantasy/Sci-fi again. If you like to read and you don’t have a Goodreads account get one TODAY!, best social network ever!.

 In the meantime, here they are… After 3.6 million votes… The Winners!


From Fiction I picked the winner: Truly Madly Guilty

from Romance I also picked the winner: It Ends with Us

From Fantasy I picked Written in Red

This first book of series The Others and I read really good reviews for this series.

From Young Adult Fiction I picked the winner: Salt of the Sea

From Young Adult Fantasy I picked A Torch Against the Night

[because the first book, An Ember in the Ashes, was AWESOME!]

I didn’t pick any from Mysteries and Thrillers

[because that’s what I’m reading now is a mystery]

From Sci-Fi I picked The Golden Son

This is second book of the Red Rising Series. Book 3 is this series is Morning Star, the winner of this genre.

The first book Red Rising was phenomenal and I would like to finish the series.

After reorganizing and decluttering my two hundred plus “to read” shelf I reduced it to these eighteen books…

Next I hope to put together a reading list for the kids. Until then… I hope you find your next great reads too!

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