It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Ev’rywhere you go!

Well by now we have gone through all the wonderful traditional holiday’s motions: Home decorations, tree hunting, Elf of the shelf, baking, gifting…

D’ Orian, our elf, duly brought the kids little dollar store gifts every single day of this month until Christmas Eve That’s 24 gifts! Which made the kids super happy of course. 🙂

It’s getting harder to find toys for Grasshopper so this year he got candy, socks and hats as well. Butterfly is a lot into makeup lately, surely because of all her holiday performances , so she got tons of makeup.

D’Orian must know we have been very busy these last weeks with Butterfly’s rehearsals and performances because he hasn’t played many pranks on us this year other than eating our cookies and candies. We kind of miss him being mischievous because Last year’s pranks were hilarious. This year he did show in a soccer outfit that the kids loved. Maybe he’ll still find time to play a prank or two before returning to the north pole. Especially because this may have been Grasshopper last year for Santa and Elf. Sniff  🙁


D’ Orian also took the letters to Santa. Butterfly was “somehow” decorated [rolling my eyes big here]. 🙂

Our annual baking, with our dear Friends the Cs, was as usual super fun and yielded many ugly but absolutely adorable cookies.

I made this one! Not bad! Huh?

Most gifts have been wrapped, or more precisely bagged in the bags Butterfly decorated.

I bet Santa still has to wrap his gifts because he usually can’t find the time to do it until Christmas Eve! Well, you gotta give Santa a break right?


To all those family traditions we also and added a few new ones that we hope are here to stay like Butterfly performing in Coppélia and The Nutcracker.

Well, all that is left is Christmas Eve dinner since we were invited somewhere else for Christmas day. I think that’ll be the first time in years we are not home on Christmas day!

Hope your countdown to the Holiday is wonderful as well!


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