It’s a Wrap! #1 – Best Food & Drinks of 2016

Because good memories are made of flavors!

Hello all! This is the first of what I hope will be at least a series of three posts to wrap up 2016.

This first post is about Food and Drinks.

Man, we did some serious wine tasting and family cooking in 2016!

For me  it all goes back to Spain! So, my favorites were Paella and Sangría.

Since I can’t follow recipes [why? good question! 🙂 ], every time I cook I “invent” the recipe. So I’m proud to announce I think I’m becoming a “Recipe Developer”, which is a term I learned in my recent frequent escapades to the instagramverse.

Take the Paella, for instance. I tried different way: in a pot [nah], in a crockpot [Oh, Calamity] until I realized they made “paelleras” for a reason. It’s like a Chinese wok but not as deep and is the ONLY WAY [I swear, pinky promise, please believe me!] listen to me…THE ONLY WAY to make good paella.

As a professional “Recipe Developer” with a reputation to live up to, I hope to share my basic recipe and variations here on the blog, soon. 🙂

[because, really, how can I claim to have a lifestyle blog about “Food &Drinks” if I NEVER post recipes??? The about page would have to say: “Sorry people I like to cook, eat, take pictures of my food BUT don’t expect recipes on this blog” PFFFF what a disgrace! 🙂 ]


Same with the Sangria, I hope to share soon my recipes here



B-Dad and the kids’ favorite was Sushi because it was always a big family event. We all got together at my brother’s house to chat, drink Sangría and make TONS of sushi. They came out delicious every time so… recipes to come soon as well!


Another favorite was the hibachi. We used to go to a local hibachi restaurant special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. The kids absolutely LOVED IT. So, I got B-Dad a hibachi grill for father’s day in 2015. He doesn’t like to cook much but he loves to grill so it was the perfect gift for him and we really enjoyed his hibachis in 2016. One day he’ll give me permission to share his secret marinate. 🙂


What about your year? I hope you had some delicious, festive moments like this!

Thank you for visiting!




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