It’s a Wrap! – Best Books & TV Shows of 2016

Because reading and watching fictions is like living many lives

Hello all!

Welcome to the second post of “It’s a Wrap!, which is about our favorite books and TV Shows of this year!

Favorite Books

Even though I haven’t posted many book reviews on this blog yet I did read MANY books this year! Not as many as I could have if I didn’t fall victim of that huge reading slump, but still MANY. So DON’T GET ME STARTED! [Humph!].

These are my top five books of 2016…

I hope to post some of these reviews here soon because again… how can this be a blog about “Books & TV Shows” if I don’t post reviews?? ?SMH!!!

My favorite TV Shows…

By now you all probably know that my Maleficent mind is obsessed with dark, edgy reads: dark urban fantasy, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, etc. Especially if they are about angels and demons! So no surprise here with “Exorcist” and “Lucifer“! I really enjoyed them. My Maleficent’s heart if secretly soft and smushy though, so I was totally disarmed by “Born This Way” and “This is US“. They actually made me weep! [Shhhh! Don’t tell!]. For some reason “Born his Way” S2 didn’t record in our DVR so I thought there was no S2! [leave to me to be totally clueless lol!]. Here is the review of S1. The review of “This is Us” is coming soon!
Another favorite was Westworld! BEST Sci-fi TV show EVER!!

B-Dad favorites were Codeblack and Vikings, and the kids’ favorites were Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn and The thundermans. The kids said they want to have their own blogs now so who knows? Maybe their reviews will be online soon as well! [Yup, parental control nightmare I say!] 🙂

What about you? What books and TV Shows kept you up late at night in 2016?

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