Grasshopper to the Robotics State Championship!

His FIRST Lego League Team qualified!


First The Nutcracker and then this!

We are SO HAPPY!!!

The FIRST Lego League qualifier event was Saturday and now they go to the State Championship on January 14, 2017!

We, parents and coaches, were very supporting of the kids but I have to say we DID NOT EXPECT this. And not because the kids didn’t work like SUPER HARD but because they are in the young side of this division age, they were all first timers [kids AND coaches] and they have a team of only two kids!

Because all those reasons [being young, first timers, only two kids, competing against BIG teams of up to 14 kids] they also got a “Judges Special Award”!

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We couldn’t be any prouder of our Roboquids!



Now to work even harder for that Championship!


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