“Friendmas” & Christmas

Because it’s all about friends and family!

We were blessed this year with another wonderful Christmas, with of lots love sent from family and friends.

Fate has scattered our loved ones all around the globe! I don’t think there is a single continent right now where we don’t have someone we love! So even though distance don’t always allow us to be together, thanks to technology we are always in contact in Facebook and we got plenty of Holiday Greetings by emails and text messages. We love how our Christmas tree looks with all the cards!

B-Dad and I were raised in the catholic faith, so there was a lot of religious significance in Christmas when we were little. Many of the TV shows we enjoyed were about baby Jesus. Then we grew up to be not very religious like our parents, so Christmas became a time to embrace traditions we do share with most of our loved ones that celebrate Christmas.

It’s a time for love and friendship! This year we even celebrated our first “Friendmas”. We are looking forward to make it a tradition. The 22nd we got together with our dear friends “the Ss” for dinner. They brought a “Friendmas” cake and a fabulous French wine! 🙂

Since we follow mostly Spain’s Christmas traditions, our big meal is on Christmas Eve.

B-Dad and Grasshopper drive around the city leaving gifts on friends’ doorsteps [one of our favorite traditions] while Butterfly and I cook dinner, which takes us most of the day!

We marinate the turkey and ham at 9:00 am. The turkey is usually marinated in white wine, garlic and rosemary. The ham in orange and pineapple juice, brown sugar, garlic, rosemary and cloves. Then late morning, while the turkey and ham are marinating, we prep the rest of the food: This year the appetizers were an antipasto plate and chips with homemade salsa and spinach and artichoke dip. We made potato salad and honey roasted carrots as side dishes. We cut fruit for the Sangria  which goes in the freezer to chill along with the classes.

At noon the turkey goes in the oven and the ham in the crockpot. I like to cook it at high temp for about 2 hours in water. I dispose of the water twice to get rid of the “saltiness”. Then around 2:00 pm the ham marinates and goes in the oven at 4:00 pm. Guests arrived at 5:00 pm and that’s when the garlic bread and the artichoke and spinach dip go in the oven.

We simmered a potpourri of orange, cranberry and cloves that I got as a gift at the office, and the house smelled like Christmas Heaven!

We serve dinner around 7:00 pm and then sit in the living room to watch Christmas movies and listen to Butterfly sing Christmas carols.

Christmas Eve usually ends with all of us around the tree opening our “Secret Santa” presents. Then the party is over right before midnight. Everyone needs to go home and to bed! Otherwise Santa won’t come! The kids place the cookies for Santa and the oatmeal for the reindeer, say goodbye and thank you to D’ Orian [our elf on the shelf, below on the top of the tree as the guest of honor] and we all go to bed, anxiously waiting for Santa to arrive!

On Christmas day…


It’s the first thing we hear in the morning. The kids jumped on our bed all excited and begged, and begged for us to get out of bed [because they cannot open the presents without us].


That’s our favorite Christmas ritual!


This year the kids had a special Christmas breakfast of “ham bread”, hot chocolate and cookies and spend the morning playing with their new toys.

Then  we went to B-Dad’s sister for Christmas dinner and she treated us to an Italian feast of which, unfortunately I didn’t take any pics! 🙁

Hope your holiday traditions filled you with love and joy as well!


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