Thanksgiving beat Christmas!

 Martha Stewart was right.

Actually I realized she was right a few years ago. And I don’t mean Martha Stewart the domestic mogul, I mean MY Martha Stewart, the one that I’m married to. AKA Beetle Dad [B-Dad], who is a man’s man for everything but, when it comes to Christmas, he is Martha Stewart.

No one loves Christmas more than B-Dad. Not even our kids, who are the ones getting the presents from our elf and Santa. And no one decorates the house like he does.

He always said that Christmas was way too important to last only a few weeks. It was important enough to steal the Thanksgiving’s spotlight. So Thanksgiving has become more like a little Christmas in Our Familiairum and we decorated the house BEFORE Thanksgiving the last couple of years.

Not this year, though. This year we were busier than usual and Thanksgiving reclaimed its spotlight. There were no Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving day. It was all about Thanksgiving! It was a modest victory over Christmas because it was a smaller Thanksgiving than usual, with fewer guests and less food, but a victory nonetheless.

So this year Thanksgiving is getting it’s own post!

The day started with Butterfly and I marinating the turkey with wine, dry herbs, garlic, onion and peppercorns.





Then we made pumpkin French toasts for breakfast.






Then we baked a white cake to make a “Tres Leches” cake [“Three Milk] because it has to chill for a couple of hours before it can be assembled.

img_0344 img_0348 img_0366

The pork loin went in “His Holiness”, the crock pot. This was just in case we had underestimated how hungry we were. 🙂


When we the cake was ready to go in the fridge we realized we didn’t have enough space for the cake and the leftovers, so we cleaned the fridge.

fridge fridge3

When we finished with the fridge it was already noontime so the turkey went in the oven. While the turkey was in the oven we made the side dishes. This year we made loaded mashed potatoes and roasted vegetable medley. My brother and sister-in-law brought this awesome chicken salad, apple cake and “Pan de Jamón” which is a Venezuelan bread stuffed with ham, raising, bacon and olives.

applecake pandejamon salad

There is no holiday in Our Familiarium without Sangría! Since this year was about simplicity we tried simpler recipe with apples, cherries and Rosé wine. I actually came up with a new “ombre” Sangría that I hope to share with you all soon.


sangria sangria1 sangria2

As you can tell there would have been no thanksgiving dinner if it wasn’t for Butterfly. I treasure our moments cooking together and making great “mother and daughter” memories. And cooking beats cleaning the house every time, which was what B-Dad and Grasshopper were doing! 🙂

plate turkeyserved

Our family makes my every day Thanksgiving day!

Hope every day is life every day is Thanksgiving day for you as well!

Thank you for visiting!




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