Small Town, Big Spirit: Steampunk Art Exhibit @ URI

Is there anything better than Steampunk Art??

There is always art around New England’s Big and Small Towns. I have to go to the University of Rhode Island Campus in Providence often for work and they always have art exhibits. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Steampunk [well, at least Art, costumes, etc.  books so much] so I really enjoy their Steampunk Exhibit. Here are some pictures.
steampunk1 steampunk3 steampunk4 steampunk5 steampunk6 steampunk7 steampunk8 steampunk9 steampunk10 steampunk11 steampunk12 steampunk13 steampunk14 steampunk15 steampunk18 steampunkfeatureimage steampunk
Hope you always find the beauty of art around you!

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