Little Christmas, Slacking and an adquired taste for art

Because family holidays are about slacking and abstract art.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving weekend is that we do some major, shameless slacking.


Besides welcoming our elf D’orian, doing arts and crafts, decorating the house, write letters to Santa and mail out Christmas cards  the rarely do anything productive. I caught up with blogging, B-Dad Martha Stewarted some more before getting sick, and my Young Makers created art in different kinds and forms… cookies, gift bags, letters…



tgweekend8 tgweekend6

img_0835 img_0836 img_0837 img_0838 img_0839 img_0840 img_0841 img_0842 img_0844

There is nothing better than kids’ art! I guess “kidless” people may say I’m crazy, and they may be right. You could say it is an acquired taste. Something that comes with motherhood, like coffee addiction or becoming a worrier. Before kids I never thought I would drink so much coffee, worry so much or love the abstract artistry of my kids’ crafts.

img_0847 tgweekend18

tgweekend9 tgweekend10 tgweekend11 tgweekend12 tgweekend13 tgweekend14 tgweekend15 tgweekend16 tgweekend17

We didn’t even want to cook. We ate the pork loin sandwiches Friday, cereal and pizza Saturday and took at walk to our local Chinese restaurant Sunday.

img_0849 img_0848

Nothing like taking a walk around the neighborhood in a pretty small New England town.



Hope you too get to slack a little these holidays!

Thank you for visiting!




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