Small Town, Big Spirit – Hiking the White Mountains

Let’s get wild!

I read “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, by Cheryl Strayed  during the summer. It was a DNF at 75%  but an AWESOME BOOK! So I’ll try to finish as soon as I get over my reading slump. One thing that came out of reading it was a renew love for hiking.

I was a girl scout for almost a decade. And where I grew up girls scouts didn’t bake cookies. We did some serious survival activities. So I learned how to start a fire, International Morse Code  and Flag Semaphore, fishing, refuge construction… all that Bunkerized Chicken Coop” preparedness stuff that will be really good for when the zombies come [because they are coming we all know that  🙂 ]

We also use to hike A LOT when I was in the girls scouts.

Back then, I lived in a valley and I used to hike and camp in the surrounding mountains almost every weekend. So hiking was something I enjoy A LOT and this book brought all those memories back. One of the great things about New England is its vast natural landscapes: mountains, valleys, forests, hiking trails, cliffs, coast lines….

This year we got to explore some caves in the White Mountains, which require lots of hiking, and we all loved it! Even B-Dad who is like the anti-Boy Scout 🙂 I taught the kids how to follow a map and about foraging and how to identify a few edible plants. Enjoy the pictures!

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What about you? Do you ever “Get Wild”? 🙂

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