Making our souls smile with music!

Because music tickles the soul…

For years we had wanted to start the kids in music class. Their first years we were mostly focused in academics and sports so finally in this school year 2016-2017 we were able to sign them up for music lessons! Grasshopper will be taking piano lessons at a local philharmonic music school and saxophone at school. They will both be learning electric guitar as well at a School of Rock Music. This is the keyboard we bought for them to practice piano.

Thi sis Grasshopper preparing his Saxohpne for his first lesson at school. 🙂


Even though Piano i smy favorite instrument [the only instrument I kinda play] there is something about their School of Rock Music that I love. It’s such a laid back and relax environment! We look forward to our brief weekly retreats there. I do some instragramming while thsi kids take tehir 30 minute lesson.

What about you? Does music make your soul smile too?


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