Dance, dance, and dance, like there is no tomorrow!

And when your limbs are so tired they can’t dance anymore, let your heart and soul dance for them!


Dancing improves muscle tone, strength, endurance, fitness, and brain function on a variety of levels by blending cerebral and cognitive thought processes with muscle memory and ‘proprioception’ held in the cerebellum.

Besides all those benefits, as Martha Graham said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body”. And for us it’s a passion.

Especially ballet, since ballet is just such a beautiful form of art and the basis of most other genres and it’s where most technique comes from.

I danced for years when I was young. Then later in my twenties and thirties again on and off. I guess it has always been in my life because I just love dancing. I love to dance and love to watch people dance.

There is also always music in around us, in the car at home, and I dance with my kids often. Since they were babies I twirled with them around the living room with them in my arms until I lulled them to sleep.

Dance has been around since they were born.

So as soon as Butterfly learned how to walk she was dancing too and I went searching for a dance school for her. Most schools star at 3 or 4 years old but I was lucky to find a small school that start them as young as two years old.

That was her first ballet studio. A minuscule studio, in a minuscule building, with a minuscule class of minuscule dancers. Very laid back and perfect for her. She twirled, skipped and trot around the studio, her miniscule tutu bouncing with her.

100% cuteness. 🙂

When she was three she started in a bigger studio where she learned the foundation of ballet, jazz and tap. They held annual recitals at one of the local universities and that was her fist time on stage.

When she was four I taught an afterschool dance class at her school and she got to perform a contemporary piece I choreographed called “wild fairies”.

Since she seemed serious about dancing at such young age, that same summer she went to a summer camp at a local but prestigious ballet school and we enroll her in pre-ballet at the two best schools in the state

And she has thrived ever since! 🙂

We are very proud of Butterfly, who at age seven auditioned and got selected to perform in for two traditional holidays performances in our state: Coppélia and The Nutcracker.






My heart dances when I see the path she has taken and all the possibilities in her future! May your heart dance with the sound of your passions too.

Thank you for visiting!



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