Alien worlds beyond soccer… obstacle race, biking, tennis…

Are there other sports besides soccer? Hummmm… hard to tell!

To say that we absolutely, utterly, irremediably love soccer is a huge understatement.

Well at least the kids and I do. Beetle Dad is probably 20% “just OK” with it and 80% enduring it. 🙂

The kids play soccer all year-round but we like add other sports and physical activities when possible. That’s why Grasshopper entered in an obstacle race in May. The obstacle race was about speed, agility and strength conditioning but most importantly… about something fun with his uncle!

And they had fun! Big smiles don’t lie…

   challenge9 challenge8   challenge5  challenge3 challenge2 challenge1

The kids also enjoyed playing tennis and biking when spring finally arrived.

tennis5 tennis1 tennis2 tennis3 tennis4

biking2 biking1

I hope you enjoy trying something different! Thank you for visiting!



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