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earthlings9Spring is here with flowers, rain, leaves… and we want to do some “naturing”

Spring also gave us us the perfect excuse to introduce “Our Apothecary” project to the blog.

Our Apothecary” project is making our own natural products, free of harmful chemicals, which is also about wellness and self-sufficiency [Bunkerized Chicken Coop]

I have made natural home and personal products for about eight years now and was very much looking forward to the kids being old enough to participate.

Every year I get a few basic ingredients and supplies from amazon and make a batch of products that last me the entire year. The key is to try to use ingredients that safe enough to eat.



Some of the products we make…

For the home

  • Carpet cleaner = baking soda + essential oil
  • All-purpose citrus antibacterial house cleaner = Hydrogen peroxide + true lemon + essential oil
  • Candles = bee wax pellets + essential oils

Personal care

  • Deodorant = bee wax + baking soda + coconut oil + true lemon+ essential oil
  • Lip balm, solid perfume and massage bars = bee wax + coconut oil + essential oil [in different proportions]
  • Anti-aging brightening facial lotion = coconut oil + true lemon + essential oil
  • Cracked heel salve recipe = bee wax + coconut oil + essential oil
  • Whipped body butter = coconut oil + essential oil
  • Face scrub = baking soda + coconut oil
  • Calming body mist = chamomile tea
  • Scalp treatment = rosemary infused coconut oil [Coconut oil + rosemary oil]

These products are much safer than their commercial counterpart and just as effective. The best part is that we enjoy making them and trying different scents combinations. Our favorite combinations are lemon + rose, grapefruit + jasmine, rosemary + lemon + vanilla and cinnamon + vanilla

You can see more soap making ideas on my Soap Making Pinterest Board.

Here is Fiery Butterfly experimenting with soap making. I don’t want her to use the traditional method with lye so she grated an ivory soap, and melted it with chamomile tea and rosemary infused coconut oil. Then she added lemon zest and rosemary leaves, poured the mixture in a mold, let it dry for a couple of days… and voila! Homemade chamomile lemon rosemary soap!


earthlings4  earthlings6 earthlings7


Then we bottled the leftover chamomile tea and rosemary oil to use as calming lotion and scalp treatment. 🙂

earthlings5  earthlings10 earthlings19



Don’t miss our next “Our Apothecary” posts! I will be posting more recipes soon. Happy “naturing”! And thank you for visiting!



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