Outrunning the Zombies Daryl Dixon’s style

We are clear the Zs are coming right? Not this minute, not tonight, but eventually right? 🙂 Let’s outrun them then!

As part of our Bunkerized Chicken Coop project I wanted to introduce the kids to ways to get transportation and hunt for food that didn’t require technology. So we went to an archery shop and a local farm and they loved it!

Horses! what is not to love?! Well maybe feeding and washing them, but that is not the case here so it’s all good!

So we are looking forward to doing this again! I would also like to buy some basic archery  equipment to practice at home.

If you don’t know who Daryl Dixon because you don’t watch The Walking Dead, which Beetle Dad swears is absolutely the best TV Show in the history of the universe, I added some pictures of him at the end. 🙂

horsebackriding5 horsebackriding horsebackriding1 horsebackriding2 horsebackriding3 horsebackriding4

 archery2 archery3 archery4 archery11  archery9 archery6 archery5  archery13

And this is Daryl from the The Walking Dead


be aware of invisible chickens and thank you for visiting!


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