Dark brown thumbs and suburban gardening

It’s not THAT cold anymore! Apparently all chances of frost have passed, so let’s do some planting!urbangardengrid

For most people gardening is just another chore or hobby. Fun and easy. Not so much for us. None of us has a green thumb. We mostly have a dark brown thumb. We have tried growing herbs and indoor plants but mostly failed. But once we figured out that we have to water our plants regularly we have gotten better 🙂

So this Spring as part of our Bunkerized Chicken Coop project we decided to experiment again with some edibles hoping we could learn more. We bought some good organic soil, gather some of the failed old experiments’ containers and planted leftover organic herbs from the supermarket and some kitchen scraps and seeds.

We got some good results, other well… not so much. Like  our diva, the beautiful rosemary. It lasted about 2 weeks. Our rosemary plants always die even though we try everything we research: reach soil, good drainage, no watering but spraying, etc. etc.

I think we have even talked to and sung for our rosemary plants.


Or the potatoes. We tried two different ways: planted a few in a container and in an old laundry basket. We made an opening so we could cover the plants as they grew. Potatoes are supposed to grow in all that dirt… After weeks  and weeks of watering and covering… two minuscule potatoes!









Don’t even get me started about those peppers! weeks and weeks of TLC and not one single pepper!


Celery and lettuce, I have to say,  were a bit of a disappointment as well. There are easy grow from kitchen’s scraps and hard to kill but kind of high maintenance. This is how much it grew after several weeks of TLC!



Let’s talk success now…

Tomatoes. We did get a few.





Garlic and Onions. We planted half onions and cloves of garlic and they sprouted in just a few days. We eat the leaves while we wait for the bulbs to grow again. The more you eat the leaves the more the bulbs grow because the energy goes into growing the bulbs instead of the leaves. The leaves have a milder onion and garlic flavor which is perfect for some dishes.





Our favorite so far… Ginger!  It’s the perfect herb to grow in containers and indoors. It’s very low-maintenance and loves partial sunlight. We bought a piece of organic ginger and cut it in sections of about an inch long, each had at least one buds [rounded point]. We got those very zen ginger sprouts in just a few days.




Parsley, basil and cilantro did really well too.


urbangarden25 urbangarden26

Even though we can’t survive yet of our land we do cook with our herbs and we are looking forward to learning more about gardening. It’s a great family project, fun ad relaxing.


May your thumbs be always green when you garden. Thank you for visiting!



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