Bunkerized Chicken Coop

The Zombies are coming! Save the Chickens!

We all know a zombie apocalypse is coming right? No? oh! ok… but what about other “events” with similar consequences like no electricity, food shortage, riots, etc?

We (more like I) worry about how dependent we are on technology and want to experiment with preparedness and self-sufficiency.  But… why “Bunkerized Chicken Coop”???  Where did that name come from???

Well… not long ago I read about setting up  a chicken coop in your  backyard [in urban settings and suburbs]. I mentioned to Beetle Dad and he, of course, went ballistic and vehemently vetoed the idea. I wasn’t serious about it [I’m not a big fan of animals and pets, we have none] but still I used to get a kick out of just mentioning “Chicken Coop” to him 🙂 . Then I learned about many bunkers preppers have built to prepare for “Doomsday” and, when we did get serious about preparedness, I added “Bunkerized” to “Chicken Coop” to come up with the name of this experiment.

So… be careful when walking around Our Familiarium! Please don’t step on my “imaginarian” chickens!


be aware of invisible chickens and thank you for visiting!



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