Why is my WIP always a WIP?

Because weaving characters, worlds and stories is hard work. That’s why. [sigh]

Specially when you are writing in your second language!

I very much enjoy writing. I have written since I can remember. Worlds, characters and stories just popped in my mind and it was easy to make them into words, in Spanish at least.

Then I moved to the U.S. and the two languages started to mix in my head in a chaotic Spanglish nonsense, until my writer muse went almost mute. Many years passed before I was able to write again and, when I  was finally able to do it, only English came to my mind. And writing became much harder!

However, there is usually an upside to every situation. My new home in New England, and its crude winter’s, gloomy skies, howling winds, skeleton trees and murders of crows, is very inspiring.


Every year during fall and winter I write nonstop. Not sure why, but the cold fall winds pile words in my head like falling leaves and since they have to eventually overflow somewhere, they do it on this blog and, from time to time on, my Work in Progress [WIP].

I started my WIP “Daughters of the Desert”, an urban fantasy trilogy based on Judeo-Christian mythology about four years ago. I don’t know if I will ever finish it, let alone publish it, but I enjoy writing and fantasizing about being a published author.


Writing a novel requires alone, quiet time and inspiration, which I almost never find at the same time. Sometimes I spend months without writing a word (usually in spring and summer) and then I write thousands of words in a day. And even though these words are my precious “darlings” because I gave birth to each of them, often painfully, I wouldn’t mind killing them. “In writing, you must kill your darlings.” William Faulkner said about the editing process and I do hope one day to finish my first draft so I can start killing.

Hopefully I will have more posts about what #amwriting to share with you soon!

Thank you for visiting!


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