TV Show review: Born this Way

Tissues please! 5-star all the way!

About the TV Show

btwBorn this Way

The series offers an intimate look into the lives of young men and women born with down syndrome.

A&E partnering with best buddies international to raise awareness and encourage opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Cameras follow the young men and women of “Born the Way” a the pursue their passions and lifelong dreams, explore friendship, romantic relationships, and work all while defying society’s expectations.   In their willingness and courage to openly share their lives through a lens that is not openly share their lives through a lens that is not often show in television, we learn that they have high hopes just like everyone else. the series also gives voice to the parents allowing them to talk about the joy their son or daughter bring to their family and the challenges they face in helping the live as independently as possible.

My Review

This show was AWESOME! I was completely captivated and moved by this show!

I was all raw emotions watching this show. I was all smiles, and grins, and tears. I was all pride.

I was so proud of these wonderful young men and women for pursuing their dreams and making their voice heard despite all social expectations.

I was mostly in awe of how these supposedly “disable” people were lacking most of the flaws and the baggage that many of us, the people labeled as “normal”, have.

I couldn’t help but ask myself…

What does “intellectual and developmental” disabilities really mean? What gives whom the right to define it?

The same way misery and violence make me question God existence, these wonderful people  made me think there is God and he created down syndrome to teach the rest of us what wholeness really is.

It’s like God said… “I’ll put all this big obstacles around one single being to show you what doesn’t matter and what does. How to have a clear speech, or a good muscular toned, or a good handle of math doesn’t matter. What matters is HOW you live your life. What kind of person you are. How you overcome the obstacles in your way to purse happiness. HOW and WHO you are is what matters.”

One of the moms in the show said “they are the closest thing to God” and me, the skeptical agnostic that often rolls her eyes at any mention to God… I just nodded in utter agreement.  YES THEY ARE.

I cannot recommend this show enough.

I watched it with my kids and we talked about how we ALL are all wonderful beings with the right to pursue happiness. We also talked about how life can make this pursue of happiness difficult and therefore, why it is important that we support our fellow human beings instead of setting more obstacles each other.



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