DIY Paint and Wine Bar 2


A GNO [Girls night out] is a great way to beat the winter blues.

Friends, art and wine… what could be better than that? Paint and Wine Bars have become very common around New England. But instead of expending the $40 something per person we decided to do our own and save some money! For about $15 per person we all got art supplies, appetizers, and wine! Saving is also a great way to beat the winter blues! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “DIY Paint and Wine Bar

  • Gloria Henriquez

    Very good idea Dragonfly Mom. For a diferent reason, (the economy in the country, and for do social work) we have a group here that we call “El Café de las Tacitas”. Last year we help to the Unit of Oncology Ophthalmological Infantile of Hospital Luis Razetti. My friends and I, organized an afternoon party, with a thematic motif, for example, a Mexican Afternoon, then each one bring mexican food and beberages, hired a mariachi, and have a beautiful mexican party, but, first of all, a doctor gives a speech, about the Retinoblastoma, wich is a kind of eye cancer. Then people give their contributions, and then the party. On another occasion we had and spa afternoon, a friend of mine represent a firm of skin care, and she brougth all the products, and a beautician, and they taught to the others to cleansing and toning the skin, we hired a manicurist and a masseur, and people bougth the products, and use de services, and of what they paid, a part was for the Unit of Oncology Ophthalmological Infantile of Hospital Luis Razetti. In this case the food and beberages were ligth and organic. In Christmast time, we had a Christmas party, and raflle 2 tickets to Punta Cana(Dominican Republic) and stay for 3 days in a Marriot hotel.The money collected was also for Unit of Oncology Ophthalmological Infantile of Hospital Luis Razetti. In this occasion, the food and beberages were the usual ones in christmas. Soon we are going to have a new party, I don’t know which will be tlhe theme, but the contributions will be for a nursing home

    • Dragonfly @ Our Familiarium

      oh I remember when you started talking about “El Café de las Tacitas” Gloria! I think it’s wonderful what you friends and you did for the Luis Razetti’s patients! God bless you! I love that you used organic food and products. This is an awesome project Gloria So Proud of you! 🙂