How to beat the Winter Blues

In a sea of white…

We got several inches of snow yesterday and I woke up early this morning to find a beautiful huge full moon over a sea of white {unfortunately I deleted the picture by mistake!}. Good that I’m always taking pictures because I git this!


Breathtaking beautiful and inspiring huh? But still.. so wintry {sigh}. And while Beetle Dad and the kids love winter, I always get a little blue.

I guess I just get a little SAD 🙂

The holidays are long gone and all there is now is cold temperatures, snow, short days, long nights and gloomy skies.

Even though my vitamin D levels plummet making me achy, tired and blue there are things I look forward to do in winter that really help me beat the blues that maybe you could try as well…

  • Find out and address the reason why you are blue. In my case is Vitamin D deficiency. It may be your case too. You are not getting as much sun light as you should so low vitamin D levels may be making you blue… don’t forget to take your vitamin D!
  • Reading. There is nothing better than cuddling with a book. Maybe only cuddling with a book and a loved one, like your significant other or your kids!

A book is a way to escape, it transports you far a way to different places and times.

Stop by your favorite book store {our is amazon} and buy that bestseller you always wanted to read. Or borrow it from your local library. Don’t know what to read? browse bestsellers in your local library website or in amazon. Even better…. Sign in Goodreads! you’ll find tons of read lists and recommendations. These are some of the books we’ll be reading this winter. Hope it helps.

  • Learning. Nothing like winter to stay home and polish some skills! What are those skills you wish you always had the time to learn or practice? for instance, maybe winter is the time to give a new language or music a try! we’ll be focusing on our Spanish {reading the Spanish edition of the books above} and the keyboards.
  • Writing. Do you like to write? if you don’t.. have your try it? it doesn’t have to be a long novel! it could be anything! songs, poems, short stories, journalism.  We’ll be writing the reviews for the books above and the TV shows we are watching.
  • Cooking. Try new healthy recipes. Winters are very busy for us so I tried to come up with faster ways to cook healthy foods. I’m looking forward to trying a slow cooker for the first time in my life {yes, I guess I’ve lived under a rock as slow cookers go lol 🙂 }
  • Cleaning and Organizing. It is hard to stay home without finding little organizing projects like…
    • Closet. Haven’t wore it in more then a year? it goes in the donation bin!
    • Socks drawer. Pair all the single ones and dispose of the ones left.
    • Deodorize shoes with baking soda
  • Join the fun! every year I get better at finding what my family likes about winter. We are blessed with a water front property so this year we will be skating when the pond freezes. Try the things do you like about winter. Skating? Skiing? Make  snow man? Snow balls fight?
  • winter2


  • if none of that works… think about Spring. We just started an herb garden and a mushroom farm. Gardening is a great self-sufficiency skill to learn that we are doing as part of our Bunkerized Chicken Coop Project  Make a list a of the things you’d do when winter is over and see what you can start now.




Hope this tips help! Happy winter! 🙂

What about you? how do you beat the winter blues? Leave a comment! we would love to hear from you 🙂



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