Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Oh… {sight} the holidays are over {sight}.

We put away all the Christmas decorations and did pretty good with our to-do list {Countdown to 2016: {12} things to do during school break to get ready for the new year}

But… {sight} I always get a little blue after the holidays.

I love how the house looks with the lights, all the quality family time and “togetherness”. Also winter is coming! And winter also makes me a little blue {sigh}.
I should say “winter is here” but we had another weird year with very high temperatures {I’ll be posting about that soon: what is happening to our planet?}.

Before we start buzzing through another year in our busy lives I like to reflect on how 2015 was for us. What we liked, what we are looking forward to in 2016 and what we could do better or differently.

How was 2015?

Let’s start by being grateful… 2015 was a great year! We were all healthy, we had our jobs, the kids did great at school and their multiples activities.

What wasn’t as great is that we had a less balanced budget compared to other years. We made major investments in our house and the kids extracurricular activities and spend more than we should dinning out.  The result was no family vacation last year! 🙁

What are we looking forward to in 2016?

So… what are we looking forward to in 2016 and what can we do better?

We are looking forward to…

  1. More Learning! We want to invest more in foreign languages and  STEAM {especially science, technology and engineering and music}; at least as much as we have invested in sports.
  2. New sports! Competitive Sports have been an activity that not only taught the kids important life lessons but it has been something that we have enjoyed as a family and has helped us connect with our community. We usually focus most our efforts on one competitive sport {soccer} but we always try to include at least another recreational sport. Last year the kids did swimming in winter and spring and ice skating during the fall because the kids didn’t know how to skate and they wanted to be ready for the winter. Now school is offering Tennis so we just signed them up!
  3. Read and write more. I would like to read more with my kids, analyze the books and write reviews together. And I would really, really really like to finish my first draft and encourage Butterfly to explore her new interest on creative writing.
  4. Take a family vacation! {self-explanatory! We need one so badly!}
  5. Stay healthy! We want to continue to learn and improve our wellness and nutrition plan. Beetle Dad already started using the treadmill in the basement and I’ll try to fit yoga in my schedule again.
  6. Get our family finances back on track! We would like to find at least $300 in monthly savings that can go toward debt reduction and savings {emergency fund, college or retirement}. I’ll be posting about how we’ll be savings this $300 soon.
  7. Have a better emergency preparedness plan {Bunkerized Chicken Coop} since our current plan comprises just a small stock of cans in the pantry and a small “bug out bag”.

We hope this was a good year for you and that all your dream come true next year. Happy 2016! Thank you for visiting!








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