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“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

In this page we want to share the projects that are consuming our thoughts and keeping us happily busy.

artbook1Art book

Kids are amazingly creative and make LOTS of wonderful art work. We’ll be researching and trying different virtual scrapbook techniques to create art books with the HUGE container of art work we have collected over the years.






blogBlog {Our Familiarium}

This entire blog is our biggest experiment now 🙂







BCCBunkerized Chicken Coop

There is a Zombie apocalypse coming!!!! AHHHHHH!

Well… not likely 🙂 BUT we there could be other “events” with similar consequences (no electricity, food shortage, riots, etc.).

So, we worry about how dependent we are on technology and want to experiment with preparedness and self-sufficiency. But… why “Bunkerized Chicken Coop”??? Where did that name come from???

Well… not long ago I read about setting up a chicken coop in your backyard (in urban settings and suburbs). I mentioned to Beetle Dad and he, of course, went ballistic and vehemently vetoed that idea. I wasn’t serious about it {I’m not a big fan of animals and pets, we have none} but still I used to get a kick out of just mentioning “Chicken Coop” LOL. Then I learned about many bunkers preppers have built to prepare for “Doomsday” and, when we did get serious about preparedness, I added “Bunkerized” to “Chicken Coop” to come up with the name of this experiment. J



We love to cook and we are creating lots of great memories in our kitchen. So, we want to preserve our favorite family recipes along with these memories.







creative writingCreative Writing

I love to write and, like many people, I dream to one day publish a book. In this section I will be sharing my attempts as an aspiring author. 🙂






apothecaryOur Apothecary

We’ll be experimenting with DIY projects to create our own natural, chemical free household and personal products.


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