Small Town, Big Spirit

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B-Dad and I grew up in a big crowded city and moving to a small New England town was… well… interesting.

We visited the town a few times before we moved in, usually on vacation. The first time we thought we had landed in a ghost town of a horror movie. But soon we were irremediably captivated by its charm. We used to say it’s beautiful landscapes and architecture is what  Hallmark cards and movies are made of and almost two decades later, we still think so!

The soul of North East is fascinating and is just difficult to describe.

It is somber but cozy, creepy but cheerful, old but new, conservative but liberal, traditional but modern. It’s big metropolis like New York and Boston but also small towns like Salem [like in the Witches of Salem] and Exeter [as in the Vampires of Exeter!].

It is Small but Big.

This section is a collection of photos of New England small towns’ BIG Spirit.






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