Countdown to 2016: {12} things to do during school break to get ready for the new year


School is out and we are home with the kids for thirteen days.

From December 23rd through the day after Christmas all we do is enjoy the holidays, relax, stay in our PJs and play with our new toys :).

Even though I’m left a little blue when Christmas is over, I do look forward to the week after Christmas because we do a lot of things to prepare for the new year 🙂

Same way that living an unplanned, disorganized life can take you in a downward spiral taking baby steps to organize your life only makes things better and better. Every year we have less the chaos in our lives leaving more space for happiness.

These are 12 things will do during school break. to prepare for 2016…

  1. Reconcile our bank account and finish our 2016 Budget
  2. Design our nutrition plan and menu
  3. Grocery shopping
  4. Cooking & food prepping – Sautéed beef, meat sauce, chicken breasts and lasagna
  5. Cooking & food prepping – Make homemade ice cream in Butterfly’s new ice cream maker {a gift from Santa}
  6. Organize – our desk, cabinets, closets, pantry, and drawers
  7. Organize – our file cabinet {file our receipts, bills and other documents}
  8. Projects – Blog ahead. Write, format and schedule a few posts for our blog
  9. Projects – Back up our blog pictures and files.
  10. Projects – Typing and printing some recipes for our cookbook
  11. Projects – Taking pictures for our Art Book
  12. Projects – Online shopping to stock up {Bunckerized Chicken Coop}

What about you? How do you prepare for 2016?



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