A Wonderful Christmas

Christmas was WONDERFUL this year!

Letters were decorated and placed in the mailboxes for D’ Orian to take with him to the North Pole. Cookies were baked and decorated for Santa. Food for the reindeer was place outside. Butterfly and Grasshopper  went to bed early and pretended to be asleep 🙂


Lots of greetings on our tree…


Many presents from Santa under the tree 🙂

Of course our Santa and his reindeer were loud and messy and woke the kids up at midnight {I think Santa knows Beetle Dad doesn’t like to wait for the kids to wake up in the morning to watch them open the presents}


But now Christmas is gone {sniff} 🙁

leaving me a little blue and with Beetle Dad‘s huge pile of Christmas decorations to put away.


So I will beat the blues saying goodbye to 2015 and getting ready for 2016 🙂  don’t miss our next post 🙂


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