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Welcome to our Food & Drinks section!

I wasn’t sure how to call it. Cooking section? Recipes sections? It’s about food and drinks. Food we made, helped make or food that someone else made and we just simply enjoyed. And the drinks that were by their side. 🙂

So it’s our “Food & Drinks Section”

We love to cook [except for B-Dad] but we rarely follow recipes. And when we do follow a recipe we almost always change it. Recipes are more like a starting point, an inspiration. We like to play and experiment. But mostly we don’t have the time or the right ingredients so we do “version” of recipes. We throw ingredients together. Whatever we have in handy and it usually comes up tasting good [not always though!] Every time we make a dish it’s different!

We do try to photograph all the ingredients we use and steps we follow and include a few instructions so you can recreate our dishes if you wish to do so. Here are some of our favorite pictures…


You are going to see A LOT of Sangria on this blog! Winter Sangria, Spring Sangria, Summer Sangria, Fall Sangria, Halloween Sangria, Thanksgiving Sangria, Christmas Sangria… We come up with a new Sangria recipe for each occasion!


Sushi is one of our favorite dishes to make. It’s a BIG family affair. We ALL get together to make sushi.


We hope you enjoy this section as much as we do 🙂

Thank you for visiting!




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